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Hillary and irony seem to go hand-in-hand

Posted on December 6, 2008

I had the opportunity to read the local newspaper today while I was getting the oil changed in my wife’s car. I don’t usually read the local paper, or any paper for that matter, simply because I have been turned off by the bias and one-sided journalism that runs rampant it most of our country’s “news” papers.

I got caught up on the local high-school and college sports, the local events coming up this holiday season, and even browsed the classified ads. However, one article caught my eye that I found particularly interesting. It was an article about Hillary Clinton trying to payoff her campaign debt, still. The article talked about how she owed money for marketing, printing, equipment rental, space rental, etc. All of this got me to thinking; “Is this typical of the common political candidate?”

The article went on to say how Hillary was hosting a fundraiser with the star of “Ugly Betty”, America Something-or-other, acting as emcee and tickets are going for $50 to $1,000 per seat. The big ticket price gets you a front row seat and the opportunity to hob-knob and have a picture taken with H-Rod backstage after the show. All of the money raised would go toward paying off debt from her failed bid to be President, some of it dating back as far as the primaries.

Now, I found some irony in this article. The irony I saw was the fact that the Democrats campaign incessantly on the grounds of helping others get out of their jamb, one most obviously caused by the evil Republican capitalistic system. In fact, this year’s election was more about helping people get out of a mortgage they never should have had then about the qualifications to be president. So many of those who support the Democrats are looking for a handout of some sorts, whether it be welfare or some other social program intent on eradicating an ill. And now, isn’t it ironic, that one of the party’s big names needs help getting out from under the evil debt she built up trying to free our nation of the Republican grasp? Isn’t it ironic that, just like every other government program, Hillary’s campaign overspent their budget?

Our most recent display of government waste can be seen by all you “sweaty” tourists that the “Honorable” Harry Reid doesn’t care to smell now that the new Capital Building Visitors Center is open. This projects budget was set at $265 million and ended up closer to $621 million mostly due to “enlargements” to the contract. That is 134% over budget! Can you imagine if you or I lived our lives like that, spending almost 2 1/2 times what we made? Wait, some of us do, hence the mortgage/foreclosure problem we see today. It’s also ironic that news of this little cost over-run was kept quiet until after the election, isn’t it? Anyway, I digress…

So further into the article I was reading, care of my local Grease Monkey, it stated how Hillary had to get all this debt cleared up before her possible appointment to Secretary of State because once she is seated, she won’t have access to campaign contributions because of some act that prevents federal employees from accepting those sorts of funds. Huh? Aren’t Congress members federal employees also? Strange…

Anyway, it just seemed funny to me that she was asking people for help clearing up her money problems when she and Bill both are millionaires and could and should be responsible for their own lost bets. What next, we have to start bailing out the big losers from Vegas and Atlantic City? Step up, Hillary, and take care of your debt like we the people have to each and every day.

I guess she’s just looking for her fish.


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