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The Eve of History

Posted on January 19, 2009

Here I sit, on the eve of a historic event for this great country of ours, with a few thoughts about the whole state of things.

First off, we keep hearing about the inauguration and the tab for the historic event. $140 million should cover it! What? $140 million? I understand there is need for more security due to the number of visitors to our nations capital for the event but I know quite a few retired Secret Service agents who would be willing to work the gig for a little walking around money. I distinctly remember the squawking from the liberal left about President Bush’s second inauguration bill, set at $40 million, and how we, as a nation, shouldn’t be spending that kind of money on the party when we were at war on two different fronts, etc., etc. Well, where are those fiscally responsible liberals now? I have one word, “Hypocrites!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I understand and fully appreciate the historic relevance of this event. We, as a nation, have elected, to the highest office in the land, a disadvantaged bi-racial man who has very little experience in politics. No matter what your political affiliation, this truly is a day that will mark when the fences finally come down. Now, I have heard recently that the civil rights leaders refuse to give up their fight, saying they still have a “long” way to go when it comes to the rights of minorities. To me, this is just a cry to keep their job. Without racism, what do these people have to make their living on, I ask you?

To me, this is the reason we see the likes of Rev. Jessie Jackson, Rev. Al Sharpton, etc. working every “event” that might have a tint of racial prejudice. Ironically, we don’t see them standing up and fighting for the “civil rights” of people of Caucasian decent when they are targeted because of their race or religion. If they were to preach to their flock to ignore the bully and just keep on keepin’ on, we would see a decline in discrimination claims and the “bully” would move on to the next, easier target. Just a thought. This is much easier for me to write since I am a white anglo-saxon and don’t experience racial discrimination in its common sense. I do believe I am disadvantaged since there are so many programs in place to make sure I don’t get a job that any minority or female could do. But that’s a topic for another post.

Now, on to much more serious issues. Right now, we as a country are in a bad spot. We are experiencing things most of our population hasn’t had the pleasure of going through before. We are losing jobs every day, people are losing their homes, losing their businesses, and losing everything they have because of the media driven panic that was started like an arson-originated wildfire in the hills of California in an attempt to control the outcome of an election. They succeeded and got their candidate elected because of the fear and panic that set in beset by the mortgage crisis. None of this was truly justified and we would have overcome it easily if the media didn’t have their own agenda. But now the run-away train in rolling down the tracks and I am afraid it can’t be stopped as easily as it was started. I could be wrong and perhaps the mainstream media will reverse course on Wednesday and everything will be rainbows and lollipops and will turn around for the better. I certainly hope so, having recently been the victim of the economy and laid off from my job.

My biggest concern is this, we are like the boxer who is down on one knee in the middle rounds of a 12 round fight. Whether the situation is manufactured or not, the people, the sheep, are believing it is legitimate based on what they hear in the media. If we, at this given state of confidence or lack there of, were to be attacked by al Qaeda in the likes of 9-11, I am afraid it would put us into an unrecoverable flat spin headed out to sea, just like Maverick and Goose in Top Gun! Not to make light of the seriousness of the situation but, I am seriously concerned about this. And if an attack like this were to happen, which is the typical M.O. of al Qaeda; attack a new administration before it has the chance to really get settled in, then we need to be extremely vigilant in the coming days and months and not let our guard down for one minute. We are very vulnerable right now and a shot like that could end the bout with a K.O.

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Posted on November 26, 2008

Where do I start with this? It seems the word “bail-out” is the most popular phrase in government these days. While our economy continues to slide down the hill into the abyss, the government insists on running up the dept in order to “stimulate” it. I just saw one figure that estimated the total costs of this “welfare” package could reach or exceed $7 trillion dollars. That’s correct, $7 TRILLION DOLLARS! Let me put that into perspective for you; 7 trillion seconds ago the year was 211 B.C., 7 trillion dollar bills lined up end to end would wrap around the globe more than 27,241 times, 7 trillion dollar bills weigh more than 7,709,251 tons!

Does this “bail-out” make sense to anyone else but those writing the checks and those with their hands out? I don’t see how giving money to companies, who’s poor management and leaderships team have put them in their current position, is going to solve anything. All I see is us, the taxpayers, investing good money in a bad deal. If management changes aren’t made immediately in these companies, what is to prevent them from ending up back at the well asking for more? In one word, the answer to that question is “nothing!” We have already seen this with AIG. The problem with this approach is we will have so much money invested in these companies that if they do continue to lose money, we will not be able to let them die on the vine like they should but rather will be required to invest more in the hopes of preventing the loss of our initial investment of billions. The phrase for this is “throwing good money after bad.”

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