Saturday, February 24, 2018

Why are we here?

Posted on November 24, 2008

I have established this blog mostly for myself. I needed a platform to use as more of a diary than a blog but decided that what good is it to put your thoughts down if others can’t read them and comment? My intent is just to blog about things that I am concerned about or have an opinion on at any given moment. The subjects can range from politics to the economy to the weather to sports. I plan to just write about what I am thinking about and share my ideas, my views, and my opinions and solicit comments and feedback on all of the above.

I want to thank everyone who may spend a few seconds or minutes of their precious time on this blog reading what I might have to say. I know how precious time is these days and understand that there are millions of blogs and websites out there that people can visit and I expect little traffic to mine based simply on the fact that I am not in this to attract attention to myself or my views. I am in this to put my thoughts to “paper” so that I may come back later and review where I was at any given point in my life and compare that to where I may be now and then evaluate why I may have changed my view or opinion.

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